torstai 22. syyskuuta 2016

Une texte en anglais


This time I'm writing in English for all my friends who don't understand Finnish. I can say already now that there will be so many mistakes in this text because English is coming harder and harder for me every day. When I try to think, write or speak English I mix it with French veryveryvery easily! And I'm actually very happy about it, because it means that I also think in French, so I'M ABLE TO THINK IN FRENCH!!!  But no, my French isn' t still very good ...yet, but I' m making progress all the time. It has been so nice to hear someone saying that I speak, or I seem to understand, French better than before!
Villasukat on päässy jo käyttöö, ku aamulla/illalla on jo aika viileä,  päivällä viä noin 20 astetta. Bongaa kuvasta ranskankielistä kirjallisuutta.

Last time I wrote here one week ago... So it was Thursday... Last Thursday I also get an letter! It was from YFU and it was about our Post Arrival Orientation (PAO) camp. I' m so excited (did I wrote it right?!) to see all the other YFU exchange student in Switzerland! I think that the camp is gonna be amazing experience, as all this exchange year!

I have also somedays to choose what I want do in our school's  "Journées thématiques". There are so many interesting choises... Climbing, sailing, windsurfing, riding, martial arts, hiking, circus, SUP... or I can choose a camp of different sports or cycling. And I just can't choose! These special days will in end of may so there is still lot of time to change my mind... But we have to choose what we want to do already now! ... Oh yes, one of the hardest thing of being an exchange student is to be able to make choises, sometimes in a very little time...
Elämisen merkkejä😆

Let's go on... At this moment I really like going to school. There are friends and the days go quickly for me... Sometimes we are ( at least I am) having such a fun at the lessons... For example, because I just forgot all the Italien words at the moment that we should have performed a dialog, that we had done with my friend, in front of the class. So I just could say anything else than "buongiorno!" and then I started to laught. An other example could be the moment that you don't even know what is making you laugh and the you watch at your friend who, just at the same moment, watch at you. So you start laughing very hard...
I also spoke French in my "easier" French groupe somedays ago without asking, and I'm so proud of myself... (We have also sung, while our teacher played guitar, with this group.) Then something not so nice: I can't do the "sorties de classe" with my class, because I have the PAO camp at the same time! It's shame because it would have been nice to do that my class... But I try to remembet that I will be having fun also, just at the different place!
Mulle tuli tänään postissa paketti! Jos tän oman sais sitten remonttiin...

I have now had my first "real" ice-hockey match! Our team lost it 1-3 and I played just about 5 minutes in whole match, but next time we will play better!!
Sain vihdoin peliasun kokonaisuudessaan!
Pakettiin kuului myös kollarit ja t-paita! #ladieshockey #fribourg  

Oh god, I almost forget to tell you that my mama made the most delicious pumkin(?) soup last weekend! And also some delicious apple pie!
Keitto ❤ ja sekalaisia iltapala juttuja 

Tää oli niiiiin hyvää!

My life is going better and better here all the time. I' m happy to get to know new people here, even if it's not always easy. Hope you all are doing well!


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