perjantai 7. huhtikuuta 2017

Before I ...leave Switzerland


Some days (ok almost one week) ago we decided to go out and take some photos with Eya, my favourite tunisian! It was a beautiful day and sun was shining just until we got to "the old town". Or actually we didn't even get there before it started to rain and wind but because we have decided to take some photos and to have fun, we just did it! (Actually we were quite happy that it was raining so almost no one saw us being crazy.😅😅 Or at least we didn't realized many people watching us because we were so concentrated to what we were doing. But yeah, we saw a cool board and I got inspired.

So here is my list,

  1. Go to the cinema
  2. Pyjama party
  3. Crêpe party - already done it twice and it was so niceeee, and tastyyyyyy 😋
  4. Cheese party 
  5. Exchange student party
  6. Just party
  7. Party somewhere else
  8. More party - (party doesn't always means drinking, remember that, I'm not stupid)
    Can't be normal 

  9. Read one more book in French (I've already read 6)
  10. Blog post in French - that's going to be really scary but I know I can do it and nobody cares if I do mistakes
  11. Presentation of something special - in French... ( today I had one in French and one in Italien but they weren't special)
  12. Do something radical... I mean like something really different that I don't normally do (you know maybe I'm going to do make up or something)
  13. Take pictures 
  14. ...Like a lot
  15. ...Also selfies with my friends 
  16. ...And also with my hostsister (so strange but we have taken maybe 5 selfies during all almost 8 months)

  17. Finnish night with a lot of Finnish foods
  18. Visit Tessin
  19. Visit Geneve
  20. And Luzern
  21. And Zurich
  22. And Lausanne
  23. And Bern (maybe you can see that I haven't travelled in Switzerland a lot... yet! (Or actually yes but just icehalls 😅 ))

  24. Hiking - Yep I like it (or actually I like taking pictures and seeing mountains and eating picnic
  25. Climbing - that would be so cool 
  26. Buy a Bretzel - I haven't really done it yet, even if every single morning I walk by the Bretzelkönig (okay I have no idea about the real name 😂😂 but the idea was that that I see -and smell - the bretzels every day, twice) and I always want to buy some but then I remember that they are expensiveeee 
  27. Eat GELATO - my love 😋❤ but its sooooo expensiveeee 
  28. Sleepover
  29. Buy a "sac à dos" - I'm not at all sure how we write it in English... rucksack, maybe?
  30. Bake "karjalanpiirakoita" - so these finnish salty treats with rice and rye 
  31. Brunch - with a lot of food of course
So if someone wants to do something of these with me just let me know!😉

You can find beauty everywhere if you really want  (even from Fribourg 😂)

But yeah Im fine here (okay I more than fine here😅). Especially now because we have no school for next two weeks! 

Hope you are doing well! 
See you ❤

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