tiistai 21. maaliskuuta 2017

Le ski, la raquette et qqc d'autre


So this time in English... Even though the holidays passed already two weeks ago, I have still a lot to tell about them.

My sis is an actress and that makes me laugh🤘// Mun sisko on näyttelijä ja sehän mua naurattaa

So, after Carnaval we left to Lenk ("mountain village") with my family. It was such a nice place to ski but the weather was't such a  nice...  The first day was really foggy and we couldn't see anything, just white and white and white everywhere. So it was a little bit difficult to ski... It was also snowing and raining so it wasn't so nice... But then the second day was 100% different! Sun was shining and everything was perfect ...except the snow... it was too hot and aslo snow was different, so it was tiring to ski. But the second skiing day was cool!!

And then the third one... I can just say that almost evere piste was closed because of the wind. We took a chairlift and we were so happy that we were four in our chairlift because the wind really swang the lifts. And also the trees... really there were trees which had felt down because of the wind... So we did just a few slides and then we came back home.

Dogi!!❤ ×2

And you know what!!! In our hotel there was a SAUNA!! We went there twise with Eva. Once it was "tropical sauna" and only 50 degrees, but the second time it was "FINNISH SAUNA" and 80 degrees! 😊 my first time in the sauna after I came here... It wasn't really like at home, but it was pretty cool though. We also ate were well (and a lot...) so it was all nice everything 😎.  Also when we came back home we ate crêpes.😋😋
It has been pretty warm here..// Melko lämpöstä on ollut täällä...

Spring!// Kevät!!

So that was all about the holidays. And after holidays I had to go to school again. Actually after holidays I haven't done anything special. Some exams, some nice days, some normal days, some boring days, some friends, some chocolate and some more running (I've finally got the new running shoes!!!💙). And also we did some snowshoe walking!


#tb to "I'm not burned yet"

This time I don't even know the place we went... But there were mountains and snow so it's all fine. Except the fact that it was pretty hard this time. Or not really, but still... And I burned my face because of the sun... (I know that sun cream is important and I had some but not enough.) But it was pretty nice.

... at least I wore sunglasses...

Exchange student, Fribourg ❤
I made some super delicious cooked pears😋 

And also some bread❤😛

I'm busy as always so just greetings to everyone and bye!😊

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