torstai 27. huhtikuuta 2017

Back to school

(btw if you don't know it yet, I have one friend here and his name is Guy, he is a nice guy)
You gonna see A LOT of photos if you gonna read this post, really ... i could have added even some more but I have to sleep😌

I just spent two amazing weeks (we had holidays) and I did so much!! I met some exchange students and travelled with them. Also Olivia came here and it was nice to go to "Manor food" with her. 😂😂  But about travelling...
1st week:
Monday-> Soleure (=Solothurn) with Markéta
Soleure 👐👐

Cold water, hot weather such a nice combination 

We honestly took more than 100 photos of this tree... no im not kidding 

Being normal... not possible

Tuesday-> Olivia in Fribourg

Wednesday-> lazy day all alone (with my love = food) at home
Thursday-> Fromagerie (cheese factory) in Gruyère with Eya and her hostmom... so swiss

Eating my cheese, Gruyère ❤

Friday-> lazy day at home ... no actually it wasn't lazy day at all and I wasn't all the time at home neither... We did some cycling (to grandparents' house to eat chocolate and cheese...) with my h-dad.
Saturday-> Lausanne and Montreux with Markéta and Onur (a turkish guy). Actually we planned to go to aquapark but finally we didn't want to go there...

It was so sunnu that I couldn't even open my eyes perfectly

In Montreux there were so many little kids and then there were some older exchange kids playing with soap bubbles

Sunday-> nice Easter dinner with all the family... except Eva (h-sister)who was in Barcelona...

2nd week:
Monday-> Musée olympique in Lausanne eith my parents.

Tuesday-> lazy day at home
Wednesday-> To Sion with Sofia (la mia amica italiana) (Im so good in Italien 😅😅)
Some picnic in a shopping mall

Thursday-> Tessin: Bellinzona, Lugano, Locarno with Eya and her h-mom... it was a long day...

So nice house☺ 


Also Lugano

Il gelato mi piace molto// Locarno

And back to Lugano ( sorry for strange order)

Friday-> To Annecy, France with my family.
Saturday-> we stayed in Annecy and did easy 37km cycling.
Sunday-> we came back home from Annecy and it was the end of the holidays.😭😭

I will really visit Annecy again in the future

If you know me well you should know how much I like to choose between many good choises...(not)... but I really liked this ice cream place (and it was so much cheaper than in Switzerland  (or Finland)
I just realized that I will have next real holidays (more than 1 week ) next December... So christmas holidays!! 😑😑

Just 25 degrees colder than few days before

But thats all I wanted to say... Okey I can also say about the weather here... it's change REALLY A LOT!! During one week there can be those perfect sunny days +23 degrees but also those snowy days -2 degrees ... in the day time!! And I don't live in the mountains! But yeah Im doing fine so nice spring everyone, see you soon!!
( in two months I won't be in Switzerland anymore😓😢😭)

P.s. I have already done 9, 13, 15, 18, 22 and 27 from my "before I leave Switzerland" list... Still pretty many to do...

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