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Le chocolat+la fromage+les montagnes = La Suisse

Hi guysssss!!!!

So trying to write in English again😬😬 And this time I'm going to write something about my hostcountry so about SWITZERLAND!! Just some days ago I read a buzzfeed text (voilà, link to the text ) about the things you can't understand if you haven't grown up in Switzerland. Oh yes, I have mostly grown up in Finland but really I have "grown up" mentally (ok, also physically😅😅) a lot during my exchange in Switzerand. In all cases it was funny to read this article because I have heard and seen all these things many times! So let me tell you some "typical swiss things" and how I think about them...

I almost made a goal. // Tein melkein maalin.
  1.  Everybody thinks that the swiss people are rich. - Yeah, I think that the most part has more money than many people from the other countries... But a big part of swiss  aren't that rich that they would have  5 Ferraris and an own tennis court. And the swiss need money because everething is expensiveeee.
  2. The feeling when you don't understand the other language(s), and yep I can say I understand French so it's not about that. - So, there are 4 national languages in Switzerland and the biggest part speaks German, or actually Swiss German, and that's really different to Standard German. And I live in Fribourg which is bilingual so I also hear pretty much Swiss German of which I understand like nothing. (Other language after German and French are Italien and Romansh.
  3. And then there is that "röstigraben". - Which means the line between the German and the French parts. Because the Frenchies and the german speaking part are some times and in some cases really differents.
  4. The best combination in the world: bread and chocolate (!) - And that's really true. It's simple and good really.  (At least with swiss chocolate and bread)
    Tb to the YFU camp PAO and to the moment when Pumbas were eating chocolate with bread😋
  5. To say "adieu!" when you greet someone. - And for me also "ciao!" was a new way to greet... but of course now they don't sound strange anymore.
  6. Everyone thinks you live in the mountains. - I have to say that also I thought that I would live in a little mountain village before I got to know my family and my place here. But because there are a lot of mountains in Switzerland, there are also many people who live in the middle of them.
  7. Fondue, fondue, fondue the priority number one. - Kinda true even if the first thing that come to my mind when I think about it, is my host sister who doesn't like fondue at all😅. But fondue is really swiss thing and it's nice to spend time dipping bread or potatoes into cheese... And I really love melted cheese😛😛
    The quality is not the best but at least I have taken one photo of fondue.// Ei parhaalla laadulla, mutta onpahan ees yks kuvafonduesta.
  8. And also raclette. - Yep, and that's so good also😋 ... even if my host sis doesn't like it either... 
  9. And there are also some other fondues like fondue chinoise (=chinese fondue) (my host sis likes it (!) and there is no cheese in it) And chocolate fondue👌😋
  10. Actually the cheese is kinda thing here. I already know pretty many different cheeses: Vacherin (from Fribourg), Gruyere, Appenzeller, Tomme  (I love that one❤), Tête de moine.. 
    Say "cheese"!// Juustoooo❤
  11. Political system: direct democracy. ( And so some kind of votations all the time.) - I haven't really understood a lot about politics in here but I know that swiss are mostly very proud about the direct democracy system. 
    And we are proud of these brownies!!// ja me ollaan ylpeitä noista brownieista!!
  12. And the school systems of every cantons. - Like for example in Fribourg college (=upper secondary) takes 4 years but in canton of Valais it takes 3 years. And I have like no ideas about the other cantons and I'm not even sure about the canton of Valais😅😅
  13. To live in the country of the best chocolate in the world. - Maybe the most important fact to know about Switzerland. And for this fact I have eaten so much chocolate... 
    Okey, not all the stuff in this picture are from Switzerland but at least you can see some swiss chocolate.// Kaikki tässä kuvassa ei oo Sveitsistä, mutta on siinä nyt jonkun verran sveitsiläistä suklaata.
  14. Like there is about hundred different chocolat marks: Cailler, Lindt, Villars, Toblerone... - And just don't think that I don't know more of them!
  15. And drinking ice tea, it's kind of popular. - Yeah, like really. 
  16. The words like "natel" et "nonante" that you use in Switzerland. - Yep, and I really like these words more than the French version ( portable et quatre-vingt-dix  natel = mobile phone, nonante = ninety
  17. There are cows everywhere. - If it's hot enough. But it's ok because we get milk from cows and so cheese and chocolate🤔
    Cows!!// Lehmiä!!
  18. Everyone is always on time. Normally. -Yep, normally but not always!! 
  19. Switzerland is expensive. -  I agree 99% !! But for swiss people it doesn't seem to be a problem. And usually the quality is also good!
  20. People aren't so open. - True. It's not so easy to make good friends here. (Luckily it wasn't that bad for me in the beginning, because I already knew that it's gonna be difficult.) And they know it themselves. But as they say, when you once get a swiss friend you get a friend for a life time.  Or at least for a long time... I hope so😉 
  21. Politeness. - Swiss people are really polite, especially French speaking 😉😉 And for me one really hard thing to learn is to use "vous" not "tu" ( you and you for the older and unknown people). So when I say something to the teachers I should always use the pronom "vous" but as you can guess, I almost never remember...🙃 and I don't even realize that I have done a mistake before everyone start laugh and the teacher look at me strangely.
  22. In Switzerland there are a lot of foreigners. -For me yesssss. Only in my class there are students whose parents (or grandparents or at least they have lived in this country) are from Portugal, Serbia, Sweden, Maroc... 
  23. And the last one: Swiss people love skiing. -I think so yes. At least many of them. And they also watch it from tv and also tennis.
yep I didn't have my shoes on because it was hurting so much😓// and it was pretty warm and clean outside so I walked home like this.// kengät satutti mun jalkoja ni otin ne pois oli tarpeeks lämmin ja aika puhtaat tiet.

Then about my life here, it's doing well. Even if my Italien example didn't go very very well. (The only exam that I really repeated to. And pretty much.) 😅😅 Also the moment that I thought would have been difficult so "Wanhat"(= the prom ) has passed. And actually I just hope that everyone had an amazing day and I'm gonna do that next year. (Ok for real it is sad that I couldn't dance with my friends. But "c'est la vie" you can't get everything. (And I have already got so much that I can't complain!)
Why I look so small kid?//Miks näytän niin pikkulapset?😅😂

The reason why I don't use tape with my "socks": I think I can save the world by using less plastic. // Syy miks en käytä teippiä "sukkien" kanssa: Ajattelen pelastavani maailman käyttämällä vähemmän muovia.

I also have done -ok also eaten- some brownies which were soooooo tastyyyyyy😍😋 and had an ice hockey practise and it so sad that we have only one practise left!! But I'm going to find a new hobby. Don't know what it is going to be but something new probably (and so also something very challenging for me... but you know I like challenges so can't wait!!)😆
Even brownies are pretty healthy if I eat them with fruit salad, right?😇

This beauties I saw already one week ago.// näitä kamuja näin jo viikko sitten tien reunassa.

And it's feel like spring!/Kevät joko olet tulossa?

So next week is going to be "carnival holidays" and we will go to skiiiiii (!!!) with my family❤ Also I will probably go and see some carnival stuff🎉🎉. Before that I'm going to visit Olivia (my old 😉 lastmate here in Switzerland) in Bâle/Basel. So coooolllll!! Maybe I'm also going to bake something... Like I really wanted to bake something! Someone wants to came and it them with meee?☺☺

If you have good eyes, you can see that it was 20degree today... or at least in the sunny places. And also wind made it feel a little cold eri. // Tarkkasilmäiset näkee että asteita oli tänään 20! ... ainakin aurinkoisissa paikoissa. Ja tuulettomissa.

My snapchat said that it was 17degree and I can really believe it! I went to run tonight and I didn't have my running jacket. Just two shirts and it was a little too hot like that.// ja snäppi sano että 17 astetta. Ihan uskottavaa, kahdella paidalla juostessa tuli illallakin kuuma.
I have nothing else to say. So, adieu!! Enjoy your holidays  (if you have them)!!

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