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PAO - le camp de YFU


 Sorry guys, I had "some" technical problems so there is no photos and there may be too many mistakes... But I try to add photos soon!

So, as you can maybe guess from the title, I spent last week at a camp for all the YFU students in Switzerland. And I have to say that the week was one of the best weeks in my life! There were 57 students from 32 different countries and we cannot forget all the volunteers that organized the camp! Monday I took a train with some other students and started my trip to Les Bois, where  (very near to border of France, in canton of Jura)

But first I'm going to tell you a little what I did before the camp. So, before the camp I sent a little packet to my family in Finland and I can tell you that it is very expensive to send packets from Switzerland... But yes, I also got a packet from my family! There were many different things in the packet, for example: finnish sweets and chewing gum and also some warm clothes. Thanks for the packet!!
I have also baked some apple crumble for my host family and some finnish oat biscuits for the camp to share with the other exchange students.

Also the camp, we did a little hike in Jura. It was very nice even if the weather wasn't the best... But it was also pretty amazing to see how the fog was going up (we really saw the fog moving!) and after a few hours there wasn't fog anymore. And also sun was shining!! (for few minutes...😒)
Fog, fog, fog 

Really couldn't see a lot...

We did the hike with an other family and you can guess how surprised I was when I heard the mom of the family speaking Finnish to me!! My hostmom hadn't tell anything about it before...😁 So the women, who spoke me Finnish, is from Finland (such a big surprise...) but she has lived also in
Sweden, Canada and Switzerland. But yes, it was like REALLY STRANGE to hear Finnish and even
more strange to talk it... (it's not the same thing as skype with your family in Finnish... (which is also  strange))

Later we could see more 

Here I am😊

So now something about the camp!
Monday (we started with the most boring thing) we were listening the YFU rules (once again) and they told us all things THREE times... First in German, then in French and also in English... And for real, it wasn't very funny. But when it was finally over, we started to do nice things, for example to eat and dance and sing (yep, also I danced there, thanks Mexico, Thailand and Equador... Food at the camp was good actually, not as good as in my (host)family, but it was good.
Monday we also had "camp olympics" in our groups (we spent like a lot of time with our groups) and my group was PUMBA! We had much fun, and Pumba was the third best team in the end, so we won Toblerone! (We also made a new record in throwing and catching eggs!!)
Tuesday we had more working in the groups and also hiking. And in the evening we had a special show: we had preparated a little sketch, music or danceshow or other, in a little groups to presentate culture of our home countries. Our group was finnish and estonians and we made a sketch "nordic nightmares and daydreams". And in the evening i really didn't felt very good because I had eaten too much chocolate and biscuits ( and Nutella in the morning)...
Wednesday we had more groupworks and eating and, in the evening, we did a little walk. It was really dark and we couldn' t really see if we just stepped to cow's poo....
Thursday -> groups -> eating. And we also preparated a little show in our "real" groups (mine was Pumba) about the week. It was really funny!! Preparating and also watching the shows!!
Friday, the last day, ->groups -> making lots of sandwishes -> cleaning the house -> goodbyes (but just for a little time!!)

So the camp was really nice, but I was also pretty happy about coming back home. Here I can have warm shower and it's much easier to eat "healthy"... And I have my own bed with a good pillow (the pillow wasn't even a pillow at the camp...)

So last Saturday I had a hockey game... After resting for a week I had so much motivation! And we played like in a fresh air! (don't really know how to say it, but the rink was outside) And we could see airplanes and helicopters while we were playing! I prefere playing in an icehall, but also it was okey in fresh air and I made my first GOAL!! And then also my second goal... The best thing about making goals was that I really felt that I can really help the team. Btw our coach has left us, so now we are our own coaches.

Sunday I also had a game. And we played very well! But lost 0-1... Then this week I was shopping with my classmate!! So I really did it, I asked someone to do something with me and also got an answer! And today we visited in a chocolate factory with my mom. It was nice and we ate free chocolate there. And after felt like 😷 "no more chocolate please..." But yes, I really want my phone back, because I want to take photos and it's much easier with my phone... And I don't have more to say, so bye bye!!

(Btw, I didn't speak Finnish at the camp with finnish people, just because it's so strange. I like more speaking French and English here...)

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