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First of all I just wanted you all to know that one week ago I wrote a really long and nice post here. I wrote what I think about being an exchange student and why should you do an exchange year and how can you recognize (??? I can't write English any more...) an exchange student. I also wrote about YFU ski camp where I was after christmas holidays. ... Now you probably think why I didn't post it and I will tell you the answer. So, I wrote the text in a bus when I was going to Zurich. I had a lot af time so I thought that I could write a nice text. But at the next day at home when I thought to add some more pictures before publishing the post I couldn't find it any more. ...Because I hadn't saved it, because I didn't have the internet connection... Afterwards I was too lazy to write everything again and I'm still too lazy so I'm going to write just something about the AWESOME YFU SKI CAMP!!

SHREK 💚 + advanced ❤

Sun and mountains 👌

So, the 8th January I took the train from Fribourg to Meiringen with the other exchange students. It was kind of big catastrophe to carry the skis and all the other stuff... But yes finally we arrived to the Meiringen. We slept in a hostel or that kind of place. In my room, there were 20 girls and I could say that it was pretty much... It wasn't really big room and there were clothes and everething everywhere... But it was okey and we didn't really spend much time in our rooms.

So, Sunday we had like Mid Year meeting and something and it was actually pretty nice... Like in PAO... But Monday we started to skiiiiii!!!! There were many different groups: for beginners, medium and advanced. I was all the time with Medium Pro a.k.a. SHREK❤️ it was the best group of course! The weather was perfect almost all the time and the pistes were really good too. We bought our lunches ourselves and we had 20 francs for 4 days. It doesn't seem to be enought money, but it was really!  We made lunch groups and bought bread, mayo, apples, chocolate, cheese (of course!), salami (that was really expensive, almost 5 fr. for 150g, but it was ok) and bananas that we lost twice... 😅 And of course we had water too!

After skiing, we bought food for next day and after we returned to the house. We played cards and board games and just spent time. Once we also went to the swimming pool... There were also some old ladies doing water jogging (??)  and I'm not sure if they were happy about 30-40 youngs making noise and splashing water... At least we had fun.😌  And the last night we went out to dance and sing and it was so nice also.

Finland, Estonia, Lithuania 

Only sad thing was that many students got sick and they couldn't ski with us... And it wasn't very nice  at night when everyone in your room is coughing... But they can't help it and I'm just so happy that I didn't get sick.

Blue sky and white mountains 

So, as a resume I can say that the camp was really AMAZING and we had so much fun! It was also pretty funny when you speak mixed English and French, and it was really hard to speak English... We danced, we sang, we laughed (also we ate and did the dishes) and made many new memories! And I'm already missing everyone. Without all exchange students (59 ? ) and the volunteers the camp woudn't have been the same. Hope to see you soon!! ❤️❤️ And big thank you for YFU Switzerland to organize everything!! The YFU volunteers are the best!

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